Virtual Journeys


Virtual JourneysSound still remains for me the most evocative senses of all. I started my career as a radio producer and even after all these years of working to and with pictures I still get a thrill when creating a piece that instantly summons up images in the mind with no pictures required.

The concept for Virtual Journeys came together from two separate sources. Some of the musical ideas were short themes created in the 1980s to provide instant sound pictures for television work and several people at the time commented that it would be nice if they were longer so you could enjoy them in their own right. After my return from a fantastic trip to Nepal late last year, I realised whilst telling people about the trip how much people need, want to think and dream about holidays and faraway places. Thus the two ideas came together and Virtual Journeys was born.

Each of the tracks I hope conveys a journey of some sort. Pavan Sarovar (The Holy Lake) is the memory of the trip I made to some lakes at a place called Panch Pokri in Nepal. But if you shut your eyes and let your own images of faraway places take over there is an immense sense of peace and tranquillity. Deep Space is a dream of a journey that I would really like to make. But all of the tracks I hope, will take each person on their own personal journey of peace and relaxation.

Graham de Wilde
October 2000